Anxiety Control Training (ACT) is a self-help relaxation method that was designed to enable people to learn control over anxiety. Anxiety is a condition that is very common, and few people allow themselves the time to begin to overcome it. If you are ready to learn how to control your anxiety and work on developing this skill for several weeks, this independent work may be for you!

From the linked CMHA article:

The key to the approach is to help you to relax the tension in your body and move your thoughts away from the worrying thoughts that dominate your thinking. It normally takes a few sessions to begin to learn the skills of experiencing this deep calm. To do this you will need to practice this regularly—preferably twice a day. Try to view the session as a “prescription” to be taken in the morning and evening. Each session should not be too long—just 10 minutes—but you will need to find a room where you can be on your own and not be interrupted by others.

When you first begin, you may find that your thoughts begin to wander as you listen through the session. It is quite normal to find this hard to do at first, but with practice and further sessions you will find it easier and easier to reach a state of calmness. Over six to eight weeks many people find that they are slowly able to stop using the sound files as they find that they can move to a state of calm in everyday life. As with a good vacation, the benefits last far longer than just the time taken during the session of relaxation, and you will probably notice additional benefits throughout the day.

There are two main parts to the training, each part is an audio clip that you can listen to from your web browser. The training occurs at a pace that works for you, and is available for you to use whenever you are ready.