Elder Care Seniors Residence

3431 Scott Rd, Kelowna, BC



Property Attributes

Housing Category:Supportive, Residential Care - Interior Health

Meals Provided: Yes

Kitchen: No

Location: Mission

Pets: No

Smoking: No

Respite Care: No

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Placement: Interior Health

Placement: Private Pay

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Smaller 4 bed, room and board, comprehensive accommodations. Natural, quieter and non-institutional living environment, focus upon social and relationship interdependence that strongly supports seniors with dementia challenges, while maintaining regulated standards of operating care and service. This is a Client Centered model, proven success for 23 years, to date.

Monthly Cost:

  • $2200 - $2800 Monthly rates based on assessment and needs inventory, developed through I.H.A., family and medical services history information.
  • Laundry, meals and housekeeping, 24/7 Monitoring, etc., included.
  • MedicalPersonal best information pertaining to Activities of Daily living and required personal support based on professional assessment.

Number of Units:

  • 2 Interior Health beds for Residential Care
  • 2 Private beds for Supportive Living

Unit Sizes:

Approximately 100 sq feet. Shared bathrooms. The concept of sharing is central to the model and philosophy of ElderCare Services.


All meals plus snacks included. Nutrition is extremely important to the objectives/mandate of ElderCare Services.

Accommodate Diets:

Yes, including vegetarian and diabetic diet adjustments. Discuss prior to moving in. Choice and personal preference contributes to one's individuality and dignity, which is essential.


No kitchenettes, no access to kitchen or appliances in rooms, due to cognitive memory loss/dementia status risk. This is Client Centered and is intended to eliminate risk and is Client Centered.


Shared bathrooms with full baths, transfer bench (including lift) and sit down shower. There are 4 toilets/bathrooms, serving 4 Seniors at ElderCare.


  • Walker and wheelchair accessible.
  • Not scooter accessible within Care Home.
  • Scooters can be parked outside. ElderCare is intentionally built and designed to promote and offer full accessibility to Seniors with their unique challenges and opportunities. Centrally located to all medical and personal support services within the community of Kelowna. Location is close to Gyro Beach, with all the advantages of central public transportation, and accessible consumer needs, such as Mission Shopping Mall, medical services, and recreational/social opportunities, including restaurants and many shopping opportunities.




Non-smoking premises.


Parking available at no extra cost.


Available through Kelowna Handy Dart or family.


T.V. Cable included – Private phone is resident’s responsibility. Shared house phone available at no additional cost.


Limited storage, but will try to accommodate.

Air Conditioning:

House maintains central air conditioning and gas/heat pump heating. ElderCare is energy efficient and is a comfortable living environment that is Client Centered.

24-hr Staff:

24 hour professionally/certified care aides.


Yes. On site and community based Adult Day Programs through the Interior Health Authority. Social, recreational and Spiritual opportunities are essential to ElderCare's service model.


Yes. Assessment based amenities will be supported and integrated into monitored Care Plans.


ElderCare's uniqueness and main focus is towards serving Residents with dementia and other cognitive challenges. Peer grouping is essential. Smaller living environments, (4 bed Care Homes), that benefit from the quiet atmosphere, non-institutional model, that comes with SIZE, and the focus upon family and relationship interdependence and strengths, (knowing each other), better support people with dementia and cognitive challenges.