Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for any services you offer?

All services are free except Better at Home Services which are offered at affordable prices. For more information about Better at Home, see "Services".

How can I get help with my income tax?

We have trained volunteers that help complete taxes for individuals with $30,000 income and under and couples with income $40,000 and under. The income of individuals is made to be simple and guidelines for eligibility are linked here. The service is available by drop off, no appointments.

Contact us for more information for on our program.

*With current COVID-19 conditions the program has been cancelled for the year. We hope to be able to run this program next year in 2021. For this years tax help please contact The Tax Pros : 250-762-8206

How can I register myself or a loved one for a drop in appointment?

Please call our office  at 250.861.6180 to schedule an appointment with a staff member today. We usually do appointments on our dedicated drop in day Tuesday in the afternoon but exceptions can be made.

Our staff members can help with government forms, housing applications and crisis counselling. We are here to help seniors in our community remain independent  and help enhance their life with community resources and activities.

*With current COVID-19 conditions our office is closed to the public until further notice

I am looking for help to pay my rent. Where should I go?

SAFER, which stands for Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters is a program that helps eligible, older adults pay rent through a monthly subsidy. To check on your eligibility for the program, call BC Housing at 1.800.257.7756 or visit their website.

I want to stay in my home, but there are a few renovations I would need done to make it more accessible. Is there a program to help?

HAFI, or Home Adaptations for Independence, is a non-repayable loan through BC Housing that helps eligible seniors pay for renovations to increase the overall accessibility of their home. Applicable renovations include installing ramps and walk in showers, adding railings or stair lifts. For more information, and to check your eligibility for the program, call BC Housing at 1.800.257.7756 or visit their website.

I have been receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and suddenly it has been cut off. How can I get it back?

There are many factors that affect your GIS payment. The most common reason for having this benefit cut off is if your taxes are not up to date. Since the GIS payment takes into account all other sources of income, the government calculates your eligibility through the submission of your taxes. If your taxes are up to date, but you have still been cut off of the GIS, you may have had other income (such as an RRSP or RIFF) you took out the previous year on your tax return that increased your taxable income. This will make it seem as though your income has gone up and that you no longer need the GIS. If this has happened, you need to call Service Canada at 1.800.277.9914

Where do I look for independant seniors housing that is for low-income/affordable ?

We have a comprehensive Housing Directory which has information on low-income and affordable housing  for seniors 65+ in the Kelowna area.

Click HERE for our Housing Directory.

We can help clients fill out applications during drop in appointments.

We also have a staffed housing worker for seniors 65+ focused on helping seniors looking for affordable or low-income housing. Please call our office at 250.861.6180 or email at

*Drop in appointments are cancelled with current COVID-19 conditions until further notice. 

Where can I look to find different resources available in the community for seniors ?

We have created a comprehensive Elder Guide that has numerous different resources all over the Kelowna area. The resources span from seniors' social groups to medical resources.

Check out our online guide linked HERE or come by our office to buy a print version for only $3.

If you are a business or organization interested in being apart of our guide click HERE for more information on how to do so.

When should I apply for my CPP and supplements?

As you approach the age of 65, you should apply for your Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) 6-9 months before you turn 65. You will be sent your pension application in the mail unless you have recently moved and changed your address.  If you  have not received the application you can call Service Canada at 1-833-699-0299.

More information on the pension application linked HERE.