Penzu is a free and secure journaling app that can be used on a desktop computer or on a smartphone/tablet. Penzu keeps your information safe and saves automatically, allowing you to just focus on your writing. If you're someone who likes typing rather than writing, or wants the accessibility of jotting down a thought no matter where you are, Penzu could be a great fit for you!

Whether you decide to use the Penzu format, or write by hand in a paper journal, consider what keeping a gratitude journal could add to your life!

This article is all about Gratitude Journals: what they are, how to start one, and some advise on getting started. Here is an outline of the article, but follow the link to get the full content as well as templates to get started with. Without further ado from this Penzu article:

"A gratitude journal is a record of things that you personally appreciate or are thankful for in your life. It can include analyses of why you are grateful for particular things, why certain good things happen to you, or how you express gratitude towards others. Overall, it helps you look on the bright side of life."

3 Big Benefits of Writing in a Gratitude Diary

It helps you get your priorities straight.

It helps you correct your perspective when it's skewed.

It helps you be a more optimistic person.

5 Gratitude Journal Prompts to Get You Started

  • Take a look at yourself first.
  • Ask yourself: "what if I didn't have that in my life?"
  • Zero in on a pleasant surprise.
  • Focus on good deeds- even if they aren't your own.
  • Remember that challenges can be things to be thankful for, too.

6 Tips to Getting Started With Your Gratitude Journalling

  • Don't over do it...
  • ...But still make a commitment.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected, too!
  • Go for quality over quantity.
  • Make it more personal as you go along.
  • Don't just think it or write it; act on it!

Moodnotes is a thought and emotional journal that can be used as an app on iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

Moodnotes helps you to develop healthier thinking habits and reduces stress. 

It is a free, easy mood tracker and journaling app that captures your mood and helps you to improve your thinking habits. Moodnotes empowers you to track your mood over time, avoid common thinking traps, and develop perspectives associated with increased happiness and well-being. 

Created by design experts and clinical psychologists, Moodnotes is grounded in the scientifically-supported content of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and positive psychology.

Moodnotes helps you to:

- Track your mood and identify what triggers it.

- Scan your face automatically using device camera.

- Develop healthier thinking habits.

- Learn about “traps” in your thinking and how to avoid them.

- Reduce anxiety and enhance your sense of well-being.

- Bring new, helpful perspectives to situations.

- Increase your self-awareness.

The video to the right explains how to use this app.