Meditation Websites

This meditation website has 45,000 free guided meditations to choose from at your leisure. There are also three specific resources available: Learn to Meditate, a free 7 day course for those who are completely new to meditation, and Coronavirus specific meditations and music to help us cope with the pandemic.

Learn more about how to easily access the music, meditations, and talks on your computer by watching the video below.

Once you've clicked the heading above, you will be taken to the website version of smiling mind. From there, all you need to do is set up an account with your email and then go through the prompts of explaining a little about yourself. At the end, they will suggest certain programs you may be interested in and can select if you so wish. 

There are many programs that you can participate in, including:

-   An Intro to mindfulness

-   Mindfulness Foundations

-   Sleep

-   Sleep: 21 Night Program

-   Calm: Everyday Mindfulness

-   Daily Commute

-   Digital Detox

-   Extended Meditations

-   Find 10 minutes for your Mind

-   Relationships

-   Sport

-   Stress Management

-   Study

-   Unguided Meditations

-   Thrive Inside (designed to foster psychological health while staying at home)