Ways to Give

You can help provide support and link seniors to much-needed services, you can help aging adults to maintain their dignity and independence, and to stay connected to their community and each other.

Make a monthly or one-time gift below to help us transform the lives of seniors this year. Your generosity gives a senior in need with meals, social programming, and, most importantly, hope.

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When you choose to give, you may not understand that donating to Seniors Outreach & Resource Centre can provide you with many personal rewards in addition to helping seniors in your community. You will feel personal gratitude, teach your children that generosity matters, bring more meaning to life, and financial benefits.

Did you know that giving to charity can help you save money on your taxes? You will obtain a tax receipt for your donation if it is made to Seniors Outreach. You can then include your receipt with your annual tax return to claim a tax credit of up to 53% of your donation! When you gift securities directly, you also save on capital gains tax. Want to learn more? Take a look at CanadaHelps online calculator.

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