Plan An Event & Support Vulnerable Seniors

Make A Positive Impact

Hosting a Fundraising Event

Make a lasting impact and organize your own fundraiser to support vulnerable seniors in our community. Whether it’s a charity auction, a fun run, or a creative event of your choice, you have the power to create positive change. By rallying friends, family, and neighbours, you can raise funds that will provide vital resources and support for seniors in need. Together, we can ensure that older adults receive the care, dignity, and assistance they deserve. Start planning your fundraiser today and be the driving force behind a brighter future for our local seniors.

For More Information

Please Contact:

Ian Gerbrandt,
Executive Director
Phone: (250) 861-6180 ext. 7

Our 3 Easy Steps to Fundraising

Pick an event

It all begins with an idea. There are many different ways you can raise money and have an impact.

Don’t know where to start? Check out these event ideas:

  • Bake Sale
  • BBQ
  • Community Garage Sale
  • Game Show Night
  • Trivia Night
  • Dance-A-Thon
  • Crafts Night
  • Open Mic Night

Get in touch

Fill out our Third Party Event Application to get started!

Make an impact

Spread the word & support seniors in your community by promoting your event!

Here are some ideas to get the word out:

Social Media

  • Create an events page
  • Share posts
  • Create a hashtag


  • Posters
  • Email
  • Press Release